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UN Human Rights Council will vote on a resolution that would establish a mechanism for Nicaragua

This thursday, March 31, after more than three years of monitoring the serious human rights situation in Nicaragua and three resolutions to support a peaceful solution, the United Nations Human Rights Council will vote on a Resolution that would establish a mechanism of international and independent experts with the mandate of:

· Carry out exhaustive, independent investigations with a gender and intersectional approach into the human rights violations committed since April 2018, as well as their structural causes.

· Collect, preserve, and analyze information and potential evidence; and - where possible - identify those responsible for such violations in order to support ongoing accountability efforts.

· Provide recommendations to improve the human rights situation, provide guidance on access to justice and accountability, and ensure that inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment has a victim-centered approach.

· Collaborate with the Office of the High Commissioner, the State of Nicaragua, international human rights organizations, relevant UN agencies and civil society, with the aim of exchanging information and supporting efforts to promote accountability.

This Mechanism is a request that the 46/2 Collective - a coalition of twenty-one national and international human rights organizations - has made since last year by confirming that the Nicaraguan State has not complied with any of the recommendations of Resolution 46/2. On the contrary, it has increased repression, and has not shown the slightest intention to resume meaningful cooperation with the international community.

Likewise, this Mechanism is in line with the recommendation of the High Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet, who urges the Council to consider "all the measures within its reach to promote accountability for the serious violations that have occurred since 2018."

Now more than ever we need our call to reach every corner of the world. Help us echo this petition!


Additional information:

The 46/2 Collective has periodically investigated, documented, and informed the international community about the lack of actions by the Nicaraguan regime to address its international obligations in terms of human rights and the concerns of the international community in this regard. For security reasons, the names of all the member organizations of 46/2 Collective cannot be provided.



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