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"We believe in a Nicaragua without dictatorship, where everyone can participate in the life of their community and express what they think. A Nicaragua in which the human rights of all people are guaranteed and those who speak out when they are violated are protected. A country in which truth and justice are guaranteed without exception, especially towards those groups that have historically been discriminated against"





The situation in Nicaragua has been monitored by the Human Rights Council for more than three years.

41st session of the Human Rights Council

Oral Update, 10 July 2019

OHCHR urged the authorities to engage in meaningful and inclusive dialogue, and highlighted the remote monitoring work carried out by a specialized team from the Regional Office in Panama, following OHCHR's expulsion at the end of August 2018.

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The UN Human Rights Council will examine the situation in Nicaragua again in March 2022. It is time to respond more forcefully and create an international mechanism to investigate the serious human rights violations that have taken place in the country since April 2018, as well as its structural causes, and that those responsible be identified.

Framework of Evaluation



Read here the Framework of Evaluation of the United Nations Human Rights Council on the situation in Nicaragua

Read the Resolutions of the United Nations Human Rights Council on the situation in Nicaragua here

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